This project has been several years in the making, and the version you have here owes much to people whose names do not appear as one of the authors. Like the ghosts that haunt the stage, these contributors are present but sometimes unseen or unheard. We, however, know that they are alive in this presentation. Names of teachers are sprinkled throughout the performance, especially near the end. These teachers haunt the performance, both in positive ways and negative, construct our worlds and create through dissonance and resonance the work we do. We acknowledge their presence and thank them, all of them, for all they have done and mean to us. The four actors from Lafayette

Great thanks are due to the Acadiana Repertory Theatre and to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for their help in recreating the original production.

Bob, Paul and Joonna owe a special tip of their hats to Keith, whose technical wizardry made this venture into virtual publication possible.

Joonna Trapp would especially like to recognize a person whose insight and passion for theatre inhabits this project. Karen Barker was her colleague for a decade at Northwestern College. A much-loved acting coach, professor, and mentor to students, she and Joonna taught the Women in Public class together several times. It was a total collaboration, spiritual and energized. Conversations and interactions with her are such a part of this entire project that we might truly say that even the idea to do this performance at CCCC would not have happened without the confidence that Joonna felt from watching Karen “do her thing” with the theatre program. Karen, and indeed the entire Theatre and Speech Department at the college, were instrumental in making Joonna feel a part of what they did every day. In their teaching lives, they demonstrated interdisciplinary thinking and cooperation in the best of all possible ways. In that small community in the middle of the country, the arts thrived and blessed the people both in and out of the college.

Finally, we would like to thank the anonymous reviewers and our editors at CCC Online whose encouragement and insights nurtured our work. Their support and faith in the project, their wonderful and helpful suggestions (one ghost murmurs, “Dictates!”) were invaluable. The generosity of scholar/teachers in our field is remarkable.

Applause. Players applaud to the booth and then to the audience. Curtain.